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“Imprisonment of opposition figures for exercising their basic and legitimate right of freedom of expression is one of the most despicable acts committed by oppressive regimes. In Bahrain, it is also combined with ill-treatment and torture of prisoners of conscience. We, as politicians, must condemn this inhumane policy of silencing human rights advocates in Bahrain across the political spectrum and in the strongest terms. The international community must cease to ignore the atrocities committed by the Bahraini regime, and call for an immediate release of Mr Hassan Mushaima and all other prisoners of conscience, to allow them to advocate for human rights and strengthen civil society. A society can never be truly free and democratic, if we do not consider the freedom of expression and free sharing of information as its foundation”.

“As a Member of the European Parliament, I urge the government of Bahrain to immediately and unconditionally release the Bahraini prisoner of conscience, Hassan Mushaima. The European Parliament is always in the forefront so that international relations are based on the respect of human rights in all countries of the world on the basis of international conventions.”

“My name is Hugues Bayet and I am a member of the Belgian House of Representatives. I express my solidarity with the people of Bahrain on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the pro-democracy movement. Human rights violations in the country can no longer be tolerated. Today, I call on the Bahraini government to immediately release all prisoners of conscience, as well as the leader of the political opposition in Bahrain: Mr. Hassan Mushaima. I also call on the government of Bahrain to respect all international instruments to which the country is a party with regard to respect for fundamental rights.”

Members of the British Parliament’s messages of support

Hassan Mushaima has worked tirelessly in the struggle to give Bahrainis the country they deserve. He played a leading role in the Arab Spring protests for human rights and democratic reforms that ultimately ended in his imprisonment. A decade on, it is deplorable that instead of embracing change, the Bahraini regime has continued to crack down on calls for reform and keep Hassan Mushaima locked up. I strongly support the work of his son, Ali Mushaima, and other activists, in making sure he is not forgotten behind closed doors.

Engaging with oppressive regimes including Bahrain’s is the pragmatic course of action, but such engagement must encourage progress and lead to tangible improvements. I recently called on the UK government to engage with Bahrain to achieve the immediate and unconditional release of political prisoners including Hassan Mushaima. Releasing him and others would not end oppression overnight but it would show the Bahraini regime’s willingness to reform.

It is inexcusable that Hassan Mushaima has spent the past ten years in jail rather than shaping Bahraini democracy. Time and time again, he has been imprisoned for passionately arguing for basic rights. This must stop. I will do all I can inside and out of parliament to ensure his release while working constructively with Bahrain to improve human rights conditions and achieve democratic outcomes.

Like Bahrain, Hassan Mushaima deserves freedom.

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