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28 July

Hassan Mushaima has been in hospital since 18 July 2021. His family has not been informed about the hospitalization, they don’t know who is the doctor that is treating him, and don’t have access to his health file. They are also denied any kind of communication with him. The family gets only oral and succinct information about the test results that he has done, like the level of blood sugar and the blood pressure. As expected, after all the denials to medical care requests he has received until now, his health situation is not good. He is waiting for more detailed medical checkups, tastings, and proper medical treatment for these concerns and others like prostate, hearing, allergies, and others.




Hassan Mushaima is serving a life sentence in the notorious Jau Prison, where his access to medical care has been restricted despite his advanced age and multiple chronic illnesses. Mr Mushaima suffers from cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and gout, for which he receives medication only sporadically. His cancer is in remission, but he requires regular screenings every six months. He requires over fifteen different types of medication to help with these conditions but has faced restricted access to his medicine. 

In addition to these illegal restrictions on healthcare, detainees at Jau Prison are forced to be strip-searched, chained, shackled, and marched to medical facilities if they want to attend medical appointments. They must face this treatment when attending external appointments, and when transiting within the prison to the internal medical facilities.

As his sentence has progressed, his condition has increasingly deteriorated without access to proper medical care. Since his son has taken up a hunger strike outside of the Bahraini embassy in the United Kingdom, Bahraini authorities have continued to ignore and largely neglect the medical needs of Mushaima.

Indeed, in October 2020, Mr Mushaima experienced a sudden deterioration in his health after prison authorities repeatedly failed to arrange appointments with medical specialists. He experienced shortness of breath as a result of a sharp increase in his blood pressure. 

The failure of authorities at Jau Prison to provide Mr Mushaima with adequate medical care is a longstanding issue that has been widely documented, including by the United Nations and Human Rights Watch. Frustratingly, Mr Mushaima is rarely provided the specialist care he requires.

This treatment is therefore interpreted by the prisoners, and several NGOs, to be both arbitrary and punitive, with the intention to humiliate and degrade prisoners of conscience. Such treatment contravenes the United Nations (UN) Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners, also known as the Mandela Rules.

In the current worldwide pandemic period, the situation of Hassan Mushaima is even more pressing, as the living conditions in Jau Prison are worsening his state of health and placing him in imminent peril.


Hassan Mushaima is an opposition leader in Bahrain and the secretary-general of the Haq Movement, an important opposition party in Bahrain.



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